Daya Counselling Centre Welcomes Chris Moss as their new Executive Director

Daya Counselling Centre is delighted to announce the appointment of Chris Moss in the role of Executive Director, effective January 17, 2022.

A dynamic, multi-disciplinary innovator, Chris has made significant contributions to the fields of education, research, business, and leadership over the course of her career.  From developing the nonprofit leaders of tomorrow through her teaching at Brescia College to the creation and support of various community endeavours in the London area, Chris espouses the exceptional combination of a philanthropic heart and a business-savvy brain.  Chris’s many achievements include creating London’s first ‘Solutions Lab’ to address key community issues, helping to initiate projects such as ‘Impact Junk Solutions’ and ‘Coupons for Hunger’, and most notably founding ‘Awesome London’ (a multi-national initiative) that donated over $25,000 to local citizens making positive community impacts.

While Chris has expanded her professional horizons and gained invaluable experience collaborating across sectors, she has always maintained a focused dedication to the social good, putting into effective practice precepts like ‘change starts at home’ and ‘think global, act local’.  Chris is an energetic, creative, and socially-conscious leader in the nonprofit world.  She shares her insight and expertise as a consultant for organizations across Canada, contributing to successful, intentional communities, and challenging leaders across the nation to rethink the way they live, work, and play.  In 2014, Chris received the prestigious Toastmaster International Communication & Leadership Award displaying her ability to create impact through leadership in her community.

Among her other community leadership roles, Chris also currently serves as Board Chair for Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (RHAC) in London.

Daya extends its sincere gratitude to all of our counsellors, employees, clients, community partners, volunteers, and donors who have supported us through our transitions contributed to our successes, and most importantly helped us to continue to provide crucial counselling services to those in need during these difficult times.

Click here to view the full press release regarding the hiring of Chris Moss.

Counselling During the COVID-19 Response Period

We continue to offer service primarily via telephone and video call. In-person service may be offered if clinically warranted.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to challenge our community, options for remote counselling services (e.g., via telephone or video call) remain available to our clients. We are again offering limited in-person appointments, if clinically warranted. Please note that, for ethical reasons, we do not offer couples or family counselling via telephone or video call.

Our Reception and Intake team is happy to review options for in-person, telephone or video counselling with you. Please note that not all counsellors are offering in-person sessions at this time.

To book a counselling appointment, please call 519-434-0077.

In-person counselling looks a little different these days as we work together to protect the health of our community. For more information about these differences, please read our Client Information sheet – What to expect at your in person appointment

Before visiting Daya Counselling Centre in person, please be sure you self-screen: COVID-19 Self-Screening Checklist

Resources for other online and telephone based support are widely available.  Some are listed on our Resources page. Please make use of these to support yourself and share with others!

Daya will continue to provide compassionate care to our community. We understand that at this time, people in our community may be feeling an increased sense of anxiety and worry. Please know that while social distancing is taking place, social connection can take many forms and we encourage people to continue relationships through other means with friends and family. We also encourage people to use discretion in limiting time spent on media and social media coverage, as this may contribute to increased anxiety.

Daya Counselling Centre has moved!

We have moved to a new, larger space where we can offer more service than ever before!  But moving and growing into a 4000+ square foot location is a big project.

How can you help?

Watch.  This one-minute video briefly shares what we are trying to achieve.

One Square Foot

Donate. When you sponsor a square foot for $25.00 you help to create a comfortable, nurturing space for someone seeking counselling.

  • Donate online   Donate Now Through!
  • Download & Print   Donate Now Through!

Donations can be made in honour of someone else (perhaps as a gift for someone on your holiday list?).  Tax receipts will be provided for all donations over $10.

Share.  Sharing our story is incredibly helpful! Daya is a little-known resource in some circles even though we were founded in 1985 and have served more than 10,000 clients in the past ten years alone. Sharing our story may bring us to the attention of others who can donate or to someone who needs the support we offer.  Information to share can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and throughout our website.


Thank you for your support!


About the Move: Frequently Asked Questions

When did Daya move?

Our last day in our previous home was January 16, 2020.  We reopened in our new home on January 22, 2020.

Where has Daya moved?

We are moving to 333 Dufferin Avenue (at the corner of Dufferin Ave and Waterloo St).

Why is Daya moving?

Daya’s new home has more offices, which will allow us to provide more counselling and respond more fully to the level of need in our community.

How do I contact Daya and/or my counsellor after the move?

Daya’s telephone number will remain the same: 519-434-0077.

Reception is reached at extension 1234 or by pressing “0.”

Counsellor telephone extensions have changed slightly.  Please just add a 0 to the end of their old number (e.g., 612  becomes 6120).   You can also reach your counsellor by calling the main agency number and requesting them by name.

Email addresses will also be the same.

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“Daya” is a word from the ancient Sanskrit language.  It means compassion. 

We approach counselling with compassion, based on a relationship of understanding and respect.  Our clients have a renewed sense of hope and confidence as they resolve issues, reduce distress, and achieve personal growth.

About Counselling....

All lives have valid and real challenges that can sometimes hold us back from achieving our full potential.  No matter what the issue, counselling can help. Through talk therapy with a professional counsellor in a safe and welcoming environment, we can all improve our emotional health and our ability to deal with stress and challenge in our lives.

We all have…

Room To Grow
Opportunity To Change
Contributions To Make
Potential To Achieve

Counselling: It’s You, Better.

What Our Clients Say

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care to everyone that needs help regardless of their financial situation.