Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

Mentally well people making healthy communities.


Our Mission

Daya Counselling Centre fosters a culture of wholeness, health and mental wellness through counselling and education.


Our Values

Daya Counselling Centre is guided by the following values. Our decisions and actions reflect these values. We believe that by putting our values into practice we create long-term benefits to our clients and the community we serve.


Client Growth:

We engage with, advocate for, and support clients in their own change process. We respect clients as active partners, and help them to build on their strengths and achieve their potential.


We nurture trusting and respectful relationships with clients, colleagues, partners and allies so all persons can access resources that foster mental wellness.


We continually strive to be the best we can be so our clients are provided with need-fulfilling, timely, quality care.


We honour the many faces of experience, wisdom and the human spirit. We treat all persons with respect and dignity that values their individuality and strength, and provide services to clients regardless of their situation or resources


We manage, strengthen and grow the human, natural and financial resources entrusted to us. We use our resources efficiently, effectively, and ethically and uphold our high standards of confidentiality, integrity, and care as a cornerstone of our practice.