Grief & Loss Resource Committee

The Grief and Loss Resources Committee helps people and families experience a healthy grief response by providing community education, and professional development, and through identifying and addressing service and/or resource gaps.  The Committee operates under the umbrella of Daya Counselling Centre.  Membership on the committee is from a cross-section of educational, religious, cultural, business and other groups that have an interest in or provide bereavement services.


  • Produces and distributes information on bereavement support groups
  • Produces and distributes the Bereavement Services Directory (Seasons of the Heart)
  • Offers a Speakers Bureau
  • 2004 Therese Rando Conference
  • 2005 Exploring Family Dynamics of Grief Conference with Ken Doka
  • 2006 Loss and Healing: Practical Approaches with Tom Golden
  • 2007 Giving Sorrow Shape Conference
  • 2009 Life Losses: Finding Your Way – One-day Information and Education Fair
  • 2017 Techniques of Grief Therapy with Robert Neimeyer

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