Emily has been a practicing counsellor and a social worker since 2012.  Emily has done long-standing work with women who have experienced traumatic birth as well as individuals who are navigating the transition to parenthood.  She specializes in therapy with Queer and Trans identifying folks as well as with survivors of violence and those facing challenges posed by complex grief, depression and PTSD. Emily holds degrees at both the Bachelor and Masters level of Social Work, with specializations in narrative approaches, relational approaches, crisis and addictions.  Emily utilizes CBT, DBT and brief solution-focused therapy as well as art techniques and mindfulness approaches to assist in client healing.     

 Emily is trauma-informed in her work and believes in the inherent strength of her clients; coping takes on many forms for people, and Emily is accepting and non-judgmental of the material ways that survival is enacted.  Emily is an active advocate in the community, and is completing her PhD in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at Western University.  Emily has presented her work both nationally and internationally, including at the University of Oxford, and Harvard University.  ​