Confidentiality Policy

We at Daya Counselling Centre respect the privacy of your personal information and are committed to collecting, using, storing, and disclosing your personal information responsibly. This means that we do not willingly share any information about you to anyone outside of Daya Counselling Centre without your specific written consent.


Limits of Confidentiality

There are important exceptions to confidentiality, when information can be released with or without your consent. This happens if:

  • Your counsellor believes that you could be a danger to yourself or others.
  • Your counsellor has any reason to suspect that a child in your care might be being abused or neglected.
  • Your counsellor and/or your records are subpoenaed by a court of law.
  • Your counsellor learns that a regulated health professional has been sexually inappropriate with a client/patient.

It is the policy of Daya Counselling Centre not to provide third- parties with information regarding you or your counselling. If you require documentation, such as proof of attendance or notes regarding your progress in counselling, you may best be served by another agency.

Concerns or questions you have about confidentiality may be discussed at intake, with your counsellor, or with the privacy officer. The privacy officer at Daya Counselling Centre is the Executive Director.