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Creating a Community of Kindness in London

Did you know that November 3, 2017 is observed as Random Act of Kindness Day in 260 communities across Canada?  This tradition was started just up the road in in 2008 by The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation 

We are all for London joining in the fun in November… but don’t think we need to wait for a special occasion.  Daya Counselling Centre is calling on everyone in London and Middlesex County to contribute to a Community of Kindness TODAY!

We hope over the next 30 days you will share anything and everything kindness-related!  Talk about kindness you have experienced or witnessed. Share ideas for acts of kindness.  Post inspirational videos or links to encourage and uplift us all.  Join us on facebook, twitter, or wherever you like.  And don’t limit this to the digital world: Bring it to a “live” conversation with friends, call in to the radio station, write a letter to the editor, or call us and let us know about the kindness you have seen in our community!

After you share (whatever and wherever you choose to share) we hope you will nominate a few friends or coworkers, local politicians or business leaders, or even a whole corporation and challenge them to raise the kindness-level in our community.  There is so much good out there… let’s put a spotlight on generosity, compassion, and selflessness as we celebrate kindness in our community and the world around us.

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