Working from a trauma-informed perspective, Marnie has extensive experience providing counselling and psychotherapy to people who, for a variety of reasons, have become burdened by significant struggle, distress and life disruption. She is particularly interested in working with individuals who live with varying degrees of dissociation, depersonalization, and personal dis-integration, occurring in response to traumatic experience. Marnie also specializes in working with those who struggle with fear and despair as can happen when the ability to find meaning and purpose in daily living has been diminished or lost.

Through her many years of work in the broader field of mental health care, Marnie has come to see that most people share a fundamental desire to experience a greater sense of overall wellbeing. She is convinced this is available to all people. It has been Marnie’s experience that the journey towards wellbeing can start within some of the humblest spaces, like the ones that are created when two people join in mutual regard, for exploratory conversation that is non-judgmental, and that is guided by a compassionate heart and an open mind.

Marnie’s Honours Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in Psychology, and her PhD is in Health Professional Education. She is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.